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Climate Change and Heatwaves: How to Create a Cooler Atmosphere Without Air Conditioning

So, are there alternative methods for cooling? Absolutely! The temperature inside buildings depends on factors such as construction design, layout and material choices. Carefully designed buildings with well-insulated doors and windows can reduce cooling losses and prevent excess heat from … Read More

Environmental Sustainability and Tourism

These hotels will not only attract environmentally conscious guests but also maintain a loyal customer base, creating long-term relationships based on trust and shared values and ideals. The EcoHotel Plus platform can assist with this by providing hoteliers with the … Read More

Climate Law. How it affects Hotel facilities

Specifically, intermediate targets for greenhouse gas emission reduction are established for 2030 and 2040, with the implementation of monitoring, assessment and recalibration systems where necessary, through the carbon budgeting mechanism for key sectors of the economy. Additionally, monitoring indicators of … Read More