EcoHotel Plus



EcoHotel Plus is an innovative online platform which provides the necessary tools to calculate, reduce and offset the energy and carbon footprint of hotels.

EcoHotel Plus is a reliable calculating tool based on the principles of Greek KENAK (Regulation on Energy Performance of Buildings), ISO 14064-1:2018 standard and the GHG Protocol standard. In addition, the platform is based on national and international databases and factors (KENAK, National Emissions Inventory of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (YPEN), UK Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors (DEFRA), etc.).

These principles ensure that the platform provides accurate and reliable calculations of a hotel’s environmental footprint. EcoHotel Plus helps hotels improve their sustainability performance.

EcoHotel Plus uses automated algorithms and analytical computer models, which analyze the entered data and combine them with external data, e.g. weather conditions, emission factors, etc. giving detailed results concerning the energy and carbon footprint of  hotels.

Carbon offsetting is the practice of reducing or removing the greenhouse gas emissions from an activity. This practice is recommended in financing projects or activities that remove an equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

Carbon credits typically cost €5-€15 per ton of carbon emissions. We use 20% of your contribution for the operation and for the further development of EcoHotel Plus, while the remaining 80% directly funds projects certified by the UN Carbon Offsetting Platform.

EcoHotel Plus is developed and managed by a team of highly trained and motivated multidisciplinary professionals (environmental engineers, application developers, web designers, data analysts, marketing specialists, etc.) In addition, EcoHotel plus is powered and monitored by the companies innoveco and NEVIS.

We are committed to respect and protect your privacy and your hotel’s data. You can read our full privacy policy here.