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About Eco Hotel

The Challenge

Numerous organizations that study the phenomenon of climate change, such as the United Nations, the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions, NOAA and the US Environmental Protection Agency, come to  the same conclusion:

Climate change is a global problem. Greenhouse gas emissions have not only increased over the previous 70 years, but continues to be on an upward trend.

The development of tourism is respectively linked to the increase of water and energy consumption and the production of waste. Inevitably, the hotels’ operation is burdened with increased greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the acceleration of climate change.

The EcoHotel Plus platform takes into account all the above needs and offers to hoteliers a comprehensive and innovative tool to calculate, monitor and reduce the hotels’ energy and carbon footprint.

Market Trend

As the global market shifts towards  more sustainable practices, more and more travelers are looking for eco-friendly accommodations.

According to’s Sustainable Travel Report 2022, 46% of travelers worldwide chose to stay in a sustainable accommodation at least once in the preceded year of the survey, while 78% of travelers state that they intend to  stay in a sustainable accommodation at least once on their travels in the next year.

By adopting sustainable practices and promoting their eco-friendly credentials, hotels can attract more customers and remain competitive in a volatile market.

EcoHotel Plus offers solutions for hotels that want to reduce their energy and carbon footprint while meeting the demands of travelers and by helping them ensure a sustainable future and attract more customers.

Enjoy the benefits of the Eco Hotel Plus Platform

Environmental Protection

Reduce the energy and carbon footprint of your hotel.


Get your carbon footprint offset certificate with the credibility of the United Nations.

Economic Sustainability

Save resources and money by reducing your hotel’s environmental footprint.

Competitive Advantage

Promote the hotel's sustainable environmental profile to your customers and suppliers.

Integrated Environmental Approach

Ensure premium consulting for the hotel's effective environmental management.

Consulting Support

Consult the experienced EcoHotel Plus team about hotels’ sustainability issues.

Carbon Offsetting, Validation & Certification

The EcoHotel Plus platform offers carbon footprint offset options from certified projects which are included in the UN Carbon Offset Platform list, provided by the UNFCCC Secretariat. This platform has been tasked by the United Nations with supporting the global response against the threat of climate change.


For each offsetting action we provide you with a detailed certification about the project and the purchased carbon credits, which are monitored by innoveco and NEVIS, two companies that are certified according to ISO 14001 & 14064 standards.