EcoHotel Plus

Environmental Sustainability and Tourism

In the face of the increasing environmental impacts due to climate change, more and more travelers are choosing environmentally sustainable tourism.

According to the Sustainable Travel Report by, conducted over the past three years (2021-2023), a significant percentage of travelers are making conscious efforts towards environmentally sustainable travel. Specifically, based on the 2021 research, 81% of travelers want to stay in eco-friendly accommodations. The 2022 research shows that travelers are actively choosing accommodations based on sustainability criteria (53% of travelers), and based on the 2023 research, a large percentage of travelers is checking the credibility of accommodations’ sustainability claims (59%).

The shift towards environmental sustainability is a concern for hoteliers as well. With travelers adopting an eco-conscious approach, accommodations that promote environmental protection are gaining popularity, increasing their customer base and profitability.

These hotels will not only attract environmentally conscious guests but also maintain a loyal customer base, creating long-term relationships based on trust and shared values and ideals.
The EcoHotel Plus platform can assist with this by providing hoteliers with the tools to create an environmental profile for their hotel, attracting a broader audience and strengthening its brand dynamic.
By adapting to the new trends and adopting sustainable practices, hoteliers benefit further by reducing the energy and carbon footprint of their hotels, lowering operational costs and simultaneously complying with increased environmental obligations under the Climate Law recently passed in our country (Law 4936/2022).

In conclusion, the trend towards sustainability is a positive development that benefits both visitors and the tourism industry, demonstrating how sustainability and prosperity can coexist harmoniously. By making a conscious effort to reduce their environmental footprint, hotels contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future for the hospitality sector and the world at large, assuming a leadership role in this effort while gaining a significant competitive advantage in the market.